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Century - The Weapon Jr.

Century - The Weapon Jr.

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Weapon Jr.

The Weapon Jr. is the ultimate in lightweight inshore/freshwater performance!
Great for striped bass, large/smallmouth bass, walleye, salmon, freshwater trout, sea trout, redfish, fluke/flounder, drum, albacore, snook, snapper, grouper, or any species that needs to be landed. Even when engaged with the largest and most powerful of inshore/freshwater fish the angler will never feel under gunned or under-considered.
The Weapon Jr. rod blanks feature our Graphene high-performance resin system, Anti Twist Technology, Textreme functional finish, Autoclave Processing, and Gear Box progressive loading system. These technology features make a superbly light, dynamic, long casting, and powerful fish-catching tool. The factory build features a stripped down sleek performance-oriented feel and look. Loaded out with titanium frame guides with silicon nitride rings, Fuji DNPSM graphite reel seat with double locking nut, and heavy-duty solid rubber butt cap.

•Autoclave Technology (Used by F-1 and aerospace industry to produce a completely void-free and resin lean composite.
Producing the longest lasting and most sensitive rods on the market
•Blended premium carbon fiber construction, for the best
possible performance, strength, and durability
•Rod actions that work well with aerodynamic and
un-aerodynamic baits and lures both
•EVA Shrink tube grips (Thin, light, non-slip) Anti Twist Technology (ATT) (Keeps rod blank straight and true even under torsional loads of casting and fish fighting)
•Rods built with guides on spine (Guides wrapped on
the proper axis of the rod blank to achieve optimum
performance and rod life)
•All century rods are manufactured with quality titanium components for corrosion resistance and weight reduction.
•Century rods are built with one coat of slow cure epoxy for
reduced weight and delamination.
•Proudly hand made in the USA (blanks from Great Britain)

Please Note that we handbuild each rod. We strive to have each model in stock however with the high demand some orders may take up to 3-6 weeks to build and ship out.

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