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Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle

Boga Grip

Boga Grip

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All of the great features of the EASTABOGA, with our Cow Harbor custom grips!

The Boga Grip is an extremely useful fishing tool made 100 percent in the USA. It is great for landing, handling and weighing fish of all kinds. It handles fish by encompassing the fish's lower jawbone and works on most species of fish. The Boga Grip features easy, one-hand operation and will accurately weigh fish. The Boga Grip is very saltwater resistant.

All custom Boga Grips are made to order. Please allow extra time for shipment.

Boga Grip Advantages

The Boga Grip is designed to promote "catch and release fishing," as it will land, handle, and weigh fish quickly and simultaneously without injury to the fish. The Boga Grip also affords an easy opportunity to inspect and take pictures of the fish. Since it doesn't wipe off the protective slime nor puncture the fish, and allows the fish to be quickly returned to the water, fish that are handled and released using the Boga Grip should be more likely to survive. The Boga Grip is particularly good for handling fish in cold weather, or hard-to-handle fish such as toothy fish, slimy fish, or fish that are likely to fin or cut a fisherman. It also keeps a fisherman's hand at a safer distance from hooks.

  • Keeps hands at a safer distance from teeth, fins and hooks
  • Less likely to harm fish
  • Weighs fish accurately and easily
  • Keeps hands dry in cold weather
  • Stainless steel construction using ball detent pins which allows assembly without screws or threads and affords quick takedown and assembly
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