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Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle

Cow Harbor Warrior Jigging Rod

Cow Harbor Warrior Jigging Rod

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After years of building, designing, and testing rods, Cow Harbor has officially released our lineup of semi-custom prebuilt Warrior Jigging rods with the option of making them fully customizable. From back bay and kayak to surf, our custom shop rods are designed with the highest quality blanks and components. They are truly proven fish catchers.

Bushido Warrior Rod Blanks

Introducing Bushido “Warrior Rod Blanks”.  The Bushido brand combines the latest manufacturing processes and material advancements to target niche technique specific applications. They use combinations of multi-modulus materials with high strain Japanese fibers, S-Glass and/or Super Nano resins in proprietary designs to focus on targeting each angling purpose. The blanks are comprised of up to 6 different material patterns and rolled up to 14 times under high pressure to exacting standards to create the most focused technique specific blanks in the world.

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